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Earn Comfort Cash

Terrell E. Moseley, Inc.'s New Rewards Program

 Comfort Cash is Terrell E. Moseley, Inc.’s new rewards program. Starting now, when you enroll in our service agreement program, you will automatically be enrolled in our Comfort Cash program and will start earning immediately. Each year your renew, you will earn more.

Comfort Cash pays… 

  • $25 each time you renew your service agreement
  • $10 each time we make an emergency repair
  • $50 each time we gain a new customer who says you provided a referral

We’re also paying a $25 enrollment bonus.

After a few years, it’s easy to see how your Comfort Cash account can contain several hundred dollars. We’ll mail you Comfort Cash certificates and keep track of your balance if you lose track of your certificates. Use Comfort Cash towards installing new energy efficienct equipment, or accessories items like humidifiers, air cleaners, or the very popular ultraviolet (UV) light that kills mold and bacteria.

Why are we doing it? After all, who gives away something when they don’t need to? Frankly, it’s just plain smart. It costs us a lot of money to get a new customer. Why not spend a little to keep our existing customers? Besides…

Isn’t it refreshing when a heating & air conditioning company pays you for a change?

Enroll in our service agreement program now, save money on heating and air conditioning, prevent breakdowns, restore lost capacity, return efficiency to peak performance, stay in compliance with your manufacturer warranty, and now… earn $25 in Comfort Cash! Call (434) 847-1223 today to learn more.

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